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I am going to use the space below to show some experiments and some progressions as I paint.  Thought this would be helpful to me and maybe fun for the viewer to see how I put together a painting.  This will be my experimental space.  We will see how it goes.  It may go nowhere!
In the summer, flowers overtake my thinking.  They are so lovely but pass along so quickly. I think painting them is my way of preserving them.
I started PEONIES AND FRIENDS with a light pencil drawing. I don't mind at all if the pencil lines show through the painting. In fact, I kind of like to see the painting's bones. I have also saved a few spots with friskit so I can keep them white or paint them lightly when all is done.
Next the background.  I think most painters put the background in first. This is the most difficult thing for me.  I leave it until last so I can use the colors from the painting or make a different choice.  That means I have to paint around everything, which makes it more challenging.